Tik Tok Ads

TikTok is a video sharing social networking services  owned by Byte Dance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. The app was launched in 2017 for iOS and Android for markets outside of China. ByteDance had previously launched Douyin (Chinese for the China market in September 2016. TikTok and Douyin are similar, but run on separate servers to comply with Chinese censorship restrictions. The application allows users to create short music and lip sync videos of 3 to 15 seconds and short looping videos of 3 to 60 seconds. It is popular in Asia, the United States, and other parts of the world. TikTok is not available in China, and its servers are based in countries where the app is available.

TikTok was the most downloaded app in the US in October 2018, the first Chinese app to achieve this. As of 2018, it is available in over 150 markets and in 75 languages. In February 2019, TikTok, together with Douyin, hit one billion downloads globally, excluding Android installs in China. In 2019, TikTok was announced to be the 7th most downloaded mobile app of the decade, from 2010 to 2019.


Douyin was launched by ByteDance in China in September 2016.Douyin was developed in 200 days, and within a year got 100 million users, with more than 1 billion videos viewed every day. TikTok was launched in the international market in September 2017. On 23 January 2018, the TikTok app ranked #1 among free mobile app downloads on app stores in Thailand and other countries.

TikTok has been downloaded about 80 million times in the United States, and 800 million times worldwide, according to data from mobile research firm Sensor Tower that excludes Android users in China. Celebrities including Jimmy Fallon and Tony Hawk have joined the app in November 2018.

On September 3, 2019, TikTok and the NFL announced a multi-year partnership. The partnership includes the launch of an official NFL account that will bring NFL content to worldwide fans.


There are a variety of trends within TikTok, including memes, lip-synced songs, and comedies. Duets, a feature that allows users to add their own video to an existing video with the original content’s audio, have led to most of these trends.

Trends are shown on the explore page on TikTok, or the page with the search logo. The page enlists the trending hastags and challenges among the app. Some include #posechallenge, #filterswitch, #makeeverysecondcount, #wannalisten, #pillowchallenge, #furrywar, #hitormiss, #bottlecapchallenge and more.

In June 2019, the company introduced the hash tag #Edutok which received 37 billion views. Following this development the company initiated partnerships with Edtech start ups to create educational content on the platform.

What are your top 10 tips to target TikTok ads?

Best Tik Tok Marketing Strategies

1. Do Your Own Research

Undoubtedly, doing research and acquiring relevant information in your niche remains the one most important factor for success. Getting right into video creation and succeeding without the knowledge of your audience is a grandiose dream.

Know the content they are creating. Get to know the specific success they are getting from such videos.

It might be hard, but it is worth finding out for you to take calculated steps. It is with researching about them that you are able to identify some gaps or mistakes they could be making. By filling the gap and doing things differently, you will be able to take your brand off the ground.

2. Create Useful, Creative Content

The ground rule while creating videos is to hook the viewers. But you can never hook the viewer unless you employ two strategies. One is churning useful videos, videos that add value to the viewers.

Another thing is to be interesting. No one will give a second look to a boring grab. You have to remember that many viewers are looking for entertainment. You thus have to entertain them as you pass some advertisements along the way.

You might be wondering how you will be getting useful topics to regularly create videos for marketing. We suggest you focus on success stories from those using your products or service. You could also feature the ways those products can be used.

3. Partner With Others

Even if you are dedicated to doing your business alone, there are times when partnering with others becomes inevitable. If you get someone in the same industry as you, you can share ideas with them. They could reveal the one thing you have never done which could transform your traffic altogether. They will also learn something from you which might be of help to them. In overall, you both will win here.

4. Be Consistent

It is indeed true that having a consistent supply of videos for your Tik Tok account is way demanding. That is why many companies prefer running blogs instead. The good thing, however, is that using videos for marketing is far much efficient than writing articles. This is because videos, in part, are entertaining.

And interestingly, Tik Tok takes the cake when it comes to entertainment. You thus have to do what it takes to ensure a regular update of Tik Tok videos. Be consistent just as you would if you were running a blog. It is rewarding as you will get more traffic and ultimately, more sales.

But here is the deal:

We are not talking of just consistency in posting Tik Tok videos, by consistency, we also mean consistently posting quality videos. For if your regular visitors observed some deterioration in the quality of your videos, they will start avoiding you like they would a rattlesnake!

5. Improve Your Followers’ Engagement (Tik Tok give more impression to the video which has better engagement)

Now here we are, you already done proper research, created useful and creative content consistently and partnered with others. You’ve thus won more visitors and they are happy.

How can we run ads on the Tiktok app?

You can you Post adds o TikTok Via adds from production company .

  • Affiliated marketing: in this option you can share the link of amazon , flipkart product.

Affiliated marketing is basically selling of product from Amazon, Flipkart . By selling this product you will get commission.

Product promotion: by promoting product of some specific product you will get commission.

Suppose you have 10M follower on TikTok then some production company will use you as brand their products as you have follower.

Promotion to other user: if you have more follower then you can increase the follower of other user and get commission