Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.PPC Advertisers have the ability to show a targeted ad at the exact moment this search is occurring.In a PPC campaign, you pay Google however much you wish to have them list ads for your site at the top and right of the organic search listings. PPC is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a user WordStream’s free search marketing tools connect securely to your Google. PPC is all about relevance. Users are searching for specific products, services, and information at any given time. When someone clicks on your ad, you pay the current Cost Per Click (CPC) from your budget.

PPC marketing services are pay per click advertising services provided by the agency or freelancers.

PPC is a type of advertisement that let marketers advertise their product or services digitally. In PPC marketing, the advertiser has to pay a certain amount for each click. The amount (bid) is set by the advertiser itself.

In PPC marketing services, a service provider provides all the services starting from keyword research to campaign creation to reviewing the report. Some of the common PPC marketing services are:

  • Google Ad Campaign creation
  • Researching Keywords as per the industry
  • Managing everyday bid and budget of the Ad
  • Design Ad extensions and content
  • Manage demographics and location wise Ad mapping
  • Review complete reporting along with Competitors search activity
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Manage day to day Keywords research and performance according to CTR and search basis
  • Manage demographics and location wise Ad mapping.
  • Benefits Of Pay Per Click
  • 1. PPC Boosts Traffic to your Website
  • It’s great to have a well-designed website, but what good is it if no knows it exists?
  • Benefits of PPC are increased traffic to your site.
  • Having your paid advertisement appear on the first page of search engine results increases your chances of being seen.
  • PPC advertising can make this happen for you.
  • 2. PPC Increases Sales
  • Online shoppers research products first. A person searching for a particular product or service is more likely to purchase.
  • Your PPC ad is focused on a targeted audience increasing the chances of closing the deal. If online shoppers are happy with your service they are more likely to be repeat customers. By using PPC you can attract new customers with far-reaching potential.
  • 3. PPC Helps You Control Advertising Costs
  • Unlike some marketing strategies, PPC advertising lets you pay as you go. You can tweak or stop ad campaigns that are underperforming.
  • There are no set amounts you’re required to spend or long-term obligations. You can run an ad for a few days, a month or years.
  • 4. You Only Pay for Clicks
  • Another cost saving measure that makes PPC a great bargain is that you only pay when someone clicks on your Ad.
  • The key to a successful campaign is to avoid bidding wars for keywords. Paying per click sounds good until the cost of the click interferes with your bottom line.
  • 5. The Benefits of PPC Allows You to Analyze Ad Performance in Real Time
  • Often when you sign up with a marketing firm you don’t see results of your campaign until its completion. The opposite happens with PPC advertising.
  • Real-time data is at your fingertips. With these metrics, you can change verbiage, play with keywords, or include a promotion.
  • Analytics can also show you demographic data. This information will be useful for your overall marketing plan.
  • 6. PPC Can Increase Brand Recognition with Remarketing
  • Sometimes a shopper has to see something multiple times before a connection is made. Remarketing is a tool that shows a site visitor relevant ads on other web pages after visiting your site. Even if they don’t make a purchase, they now associate your brand with the product they are searching for.
  • 7. PPC Advertising is Not Difficult to Produce
  • The best benefits of PPC advertising is how easy it is to create. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, Ads can be produced and up and running in no time.

The basics of PPC marketing

PPC marketing refers to Pay Per Click marketing. It is one of the most popular forms of online marketing because of its simplicity and its various advantages. In this form of advertising your business, you will be paying for every click that takes place on your ad. The charges vary depending upon a large number of factors. These factors include the targeted audience, the popularity of the keyword as well as the demographics. Still, the most influential factor here is the keyword.

For example, let us assume that you have a website which sells furniture. Right now you want to run a PPC campaign for your tables. If you will target the keyword ‘buy tables online’, you will have to pay a hefty sum of money. It might even disturb your entire budget. Instead, you would want to target something more specific such as ‘buy tables online in London’ or ‘buy tables online in Sydney’. These keywords offer you less competition and thus, you will have to spend less.

The biggest benefit of PPC marketing is that it puts the name of your brand out there. Your targeted audience will see your name in the search results. Even if they do not click on the ad, they would at least see your name, when this process will repeat itself, they will begin to recognize your brand and remember it. Therefore, you will be able to enhance the credibility of the business without putting in much effort.

Moreover, this is an effective strategy in both B2C as well as B2B marketing. When people begin to recognize your brand, you also get to avail mouth publicity. Even though it plays a little role but still, it is an added advantage.

It yields more results

PPC marketing is a better investment than most kinds of marketing methods. That is so because it costs a little but it provides you with amazing leads. People will click on your ads only when they would want to see what is ahead. With a compelling landing page, you will be able to convert that visitor into a customer easily.

PPC is conversion oriented so it generates more leads. Its leads are more qualified too because the ads are shown to a specific audience which should take interest in your brand.

You can easily understand as to what PPC is and how it is beneficial for a business. The list of benefits is humongous but for the sake of convenience, it has been kept concise here. You can get in touch if you have doubts.

What is PPC marketing for small businesses?

  • With the turn of the century and expansion of the world wide web as we know it, the possibilities of PPC for small businesses are virtually limitless. Websites are being created right and left – each with a specific purpose. With the rapid growth of the internet and digital advances in the last few years – there became a need for a filing system of sorts. Otherwise, how would anyone be able to find anything on the world wide web with millions and millions of options?
  • Users, businesses, and search engines alike needed something that could easily sift through everything and provide exactly what people are searching for. All within seconds. Google created just that.
  • Then after solving that problem, they saw an opportunity for business owners to advertise their businesses in search results. All this has come to be known as PPC advertising. And it is especially useful for small businesses trying to compete with their larger counterparts.
  • What started off as a research project, turned out to be the bearer of all things “online search.” It may not have been the first search engine of its time, but today Google controls more than 85% of search traffic online. The other 15% being controlled by Bing and Yahoo among other smaller players.
  • For today’s purpose, this blog post automatically refers to PPC as a representation of Google’s pay-per-click online advertising model as it is known by skilled marketers.
  • The availability of such an advertising platform has changed how users consume information and how brands conduct business today. The market has seen a complete shift from shoppers in physical stores to the ones going online first to search for their favorite products.
  • Most small businesses spend their marketing budget on SEO and website development, broadcast or print media, social media marketing, email marketing, and maintaining their storefronts in the hope of gaining more foot traffic. In today’s highly competitive market, a lot of small businesses must look for new customers, and turn those existing customers into loyal ones.
  • According to Forbes, if small businesses wants to generate more leads, it would be a huge mistake to start it off with SEO. For you to generate long term brand awareness (and results!) Forbes recommends that you start with an aggressive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Campaign so that you can make your brand grow and generate long-term results.

What are PPC marketing services?

PPC(Pay-Per-click), is a digital marketing strategy that lets advertisers promote their product and services online. And advertisers have to pay only when their ad is clicked by visitors. This is meant for procuring visits to your business sites. It is a paid marketing strategy but one of the most practiced tricks as PPC is time efficient and result oriented marketing campaign. PPC has flexibility in terms of compatibility with search engines that let you promote your Ad campaign on search engines like Google, Bing, and many others. Pay Per Click sounds hard but is obviously not rocket science. With apt planning, effective investment strategy, audience analysis, and competitors research, you can rule the internet marketing. So let’s have a look at PPC Marketing Services and its benefits.

PPC Marketing aids to achieve campaign goals, including

  • Sales optimization
  • Leads generation
  • Conversion optimization
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand recognition
  • Customer attribution optimization
  • Brand promotion

PPC Marketing is beneficial to carry out as it

  • Is instant or real-time
  • Is the smartest mode of advertising letting advertisers advertise to e-mail contacts, stores visitors, and web visitors
  • Independent of Google or search engine algorithm change
  • Flexible to your budget
  • Drives immediate result
  • Pulls qualified leads
  • Boosts website traffic
  • Drives offline sales
  • Is Measurable and traceable
  • Brings Best possible ROI
  • Drives revenue
  • Works great with other marketing channels like SEO
  • Is Reliable and profitable marketing channel for businesses.

What is the hardest part of being a PPC marketer?

  • Definitely optimization, PPC networks are a lot harder to make profitable than people think.
  • Most just assume it’s “create a nice looking ad throw it up and make some money” but the reality is you’re going to lose money or hardly break even for the first few hundred dollars spent.
  • This is because you need to optimize your ad to have the perfect combination and reach the perfect audience for conversions. The hardest part about PPC is finding the combination that yields a positive/desired ROI which you can then scale up and begin making profit.
  • This is a long process, you will need to run around 100 different campaigns with different targeting/bidding/ads/combos/etc. until you find the one that yields results. Also make sure you use Conversion tracking 

What is paid search marketing (PPC services)?

  • This is an ad on Google. Every time someone clicks on this ad, the advertiser pays Google a certain sum of money.
  • This ad appears on search results. Similarly, advertisers can promote businesses on websites as well in different formats.
  • Paid Search Marketing is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee to search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo to each time one of their ads is clicked when it is showed in the search results.
  • There are many formats and places where you can run pay per click ads. An agency or consultant providing PPC services not only identify the right places and ad formats you should use to promote your business but also set up and manage campaigns, bids and budgets to promote the business.